Yes, I Did Say That!

Sorry, folks, but that tale is as tall as my heels."

-- Savannah Guthrie: The Today host, dismissing reports that NBC executives asked her to wear lower heels on camera so she wouldn't tower over co-host Matt Lauer.

"Thrilled Ann Romney says ModFam is her favorite show. We'll offer her the role of officiant at Mitch & Cam's wedding. As soon as it's legal."

--Steve Levitan: The Modern Family co-creator, reacting on Twitter to news that Mitt Romney's gay-marriage-opposing wife is a fan of the show that features a gay couple in a central role.

"How fabulous to be a prince, to be handsome, to have a big old schlong and to throw it all over the place. … What a life."

--Sharon Osbourne: The Talk host, on the naked pictures of Prince Harry that leaked after his recent trip to Las Vegas.

"Honestly, some people who think they're gay, they're confused."

--Stevie Wonder: The singer, on Frank Ocean's revelation that a close-friendship-turned-romance sparked the realization that he was gay. Wonder later apologized for his comment.

"We are still friends. I showed him the film, and the rest is between us."

-- Paul Thomas Anderson: The Master director, declining to reveal Tom Cruise's reaction to the film, alleged to be inspired by the life of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

"He came off like the slightly crazy uncle at the Christmas party who's had one too many sherries and doesn't quite get it."

-- Piers Morgan: The CNN host, after Clint Eastwood bizarrely lectured an empty chair he said represented President Obama during the actor's speech at the Republican National Convention.

"I'm going to become such an enormous dick [with] a personal dog polisher and the biggest posse ever. I'm going to be … more insufferable than I already am."

-- Joss Whedon: The Avengers writer-director, on how he'll change when the success of helming the third-highest-grossing movie of all time finally sinks in.

"#BreastPump insteada #FistPump."

-- Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi: The Jersey Shore star, tweeting about how her life will change in the wake of the birth of her son, Lorenzo LaValle, on Aug. 26.

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