Yes Men launch channel at Babelgum

Online, mobile video platform premiering Thursday

No hoax! The Yes Men, activists whose stunts and hoaxes against political and corporate targets have drawn a fan base, now have their own broadband channel on Babelgum.

The online and mobile video platform is officially launching the site at on Thursday as the duo's new documentary "The Yes Men Fix The World" opens this weekend.

The Yes Men are Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno. They have taken on such corporations as Dow Chemical and Exxon Mobil, political leaders as George W. Bush and organizations as the World Trade Organization.

Earlier this week, they hoaxed news media, including Fox News, CNBC and The New York Times, with a fake press release and press conference at the National Press Club where Bichlbaum impersonated a U.S. Chamber of Commerce executive and declared the business lobby's sudden support for sweaping climate change legislation, including a tax on carbon emissions. A previous stunt had the group impersonate a Dow Chemical spokesman on a BBC news program.

The Yes Men call their activist approach "identity correction" and hope to raise awareness for social and green issues.

Babelgum's new Yes Men channel will feature behind-the-scenes planning for past stunts, media post-mortems, as well as new campaigns. It will also premiere with several stunts recently executed in New York, including a video called "The Yes Men Intervene at Whole Foods" that attacks the CEO's stance against public healthcare and a prank against Chase Bank.

"We are a band of pranksters who work to expose the truth and hold naughty corporations accountable," The Yes Men said in a statement. "The Yes Men and Babelgum "chew" up society's wrong-doers to cause change and inspire action so check out Babelgum to keep an eye on all our misadventures and see more exclusive material out of the closet!"