Yes Way Rosé Creators Make the Case for the Pink Drink

YES WAY ROSE Summer Water - Publicity - H 2016
Sara Kerens/Courtesy of Summer Water

YES WAY ROSE Summer Water - Publicity - H 2016

Nikki Huganir and Erica Blumenthal open up about the rise in populairty of rosé, their favorite wine app, and what pairs best with the summer-friendly drink.

Everything’s coming up roses: Yes Way Rosé creators Nikki Huganir and Erica Blumenthal co-hosted a “Sip Into Summer” soiree for their wine, Summer Water, on May 21 in Playa Vista.

“Our wine is made in Santa Barbara and we’re in New York, but we love coming out here [L.A.],” said Blumenthal. “We’re trying to be bicoastal.” The tasting, which took place at Winc’s headquarters, included sweet food pairings — pink cupcakes, made-to-order crepes and bagels with strawberry cream cheese. Here, the duo talks favorite summer wines and unexpected food pairings if you’re going to drink pink.

Why do you think rosé is having such a moment?
Huganir: It kind of got a bad rap — people remember white Zinfandel being sweet and really sugary and something that their grandmother drank, but the perception of rosé has completely changed. People are ready to embrace it again.
Blumenthal: We love having bottles around because a little splash of pink is a beautiful thing!

DRINK PINK: Summer Water; $13,

What is unexpected food pairing with rosé?
Huganir: We’re big proponents of pizza and rosé.
Blumenthal: Yeah, it’s fun to have friends over and pair a pizza situation with a really nice rosé. We think rosé elevates any casual situation — Chinese takeout is great.

What are the top three salads in L.A. to pair with rosé?
Huganir: The crispy rice salad at Sqirl is really good.
Blumenthal: We just had the avocado salad at Rose Cafe in Venice and it was great with a glass of rosé — you could go for something sparkling or still.
Blumenthal: We’re going to Gjelina tonight, so we might have to report back on number three.

PINK LADIES: Nikki Huganir and Erica Blumenthal (Photo: Courtesy Summer Water)

In addition to Summer Water, what are three of your favorite rosé wines for summer?
Blumenthal: We love Lorenza — it’s made in Napa by our friend Michele [Ouellet] and her mom. It’s really delicious. It’s a small production wine, but there are definitely shops in Venice and throughout California that carry it.
Huganir: For special occasions, we will get a Domaine Tempier Bandol rosé. It’s a beautiful wine.
Blumenthal: We also love Jolie Folle — a rosé from Provence. It’s a beautiful, fun wine and it has the most incredible nautical label that we just adore.

Do you have a favorite wine app?
Huganir: Delectable is a cool app. You can take a photo of any label of wine that you’re drinking and it will read it and record it. It’s a great way to learn more about the wine that you’re drinking. You can also follow people like you do on Instagram to see what they’re drinking.