'Yesterday' Trailer Explores What Would Happen If Only One Man Remembered the Beatles

Lily James, Himesh Patel and Kate McKinnon star in the comedy, in which a man wakes up after an accident and seems to be the only person who knows any Beatles songs.

In Danny Boyle's latest film, a man named Jack (Himesh Patel) becomes the only person on earth who remembers the Beatles — and he capitalizes on it. 

Jack, a struggling musician, finds himself in a biking accident that puts him in the hospital. When he recovers, he comes to discover that the entire world has no recollection of who or what the Beatles are. He seizes the opportunity and begins to claim the band's famous songs as his own, re-sparking Beatlemania all over again. He uses songs including "Yesterday," "Hey Jude" and "Let It Be" to win over fans from around the globe. But it's not long until he runs into some trouble with some people who claim they are the owners of the songs. 

Boyle directs the film, with a script by Richard Curtis. It also stars Lily James, Kate McKinnon, and Ed Sheeran, playing himself.  

After taking a musical hiatus following his 2017 release of ÷, Sheeran has stepped back into the spotlight for his film debut. James was recently seen in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and Little Woods. 

Yesterday hits theaters on June 28.