Ylvis Looks for New Hit With 'Trucker’s Hitch' Debut

Andrew Hetherington

From left Bard and Vegard Ylvisaker. 

The Norwegian comedy duo, famous for "The Fox," released a new dance music video that teaches its audience to tie a specific knot

Last year, Bard and Vegard Ylvisaker, now known internationally as Ylvis, created a promo music video titled “The Fox” for the third season of their variety show Tonight With Ylvis on TVNorge.

Ironically, the brothers wrote the song with the intention of making it an anti-hit, a song so comedic that it would highlight the show without becoming a musical success. "We thought, 'Hey, we have this old idea about the sound that the fox made, because no one really knows.' So we decided to do that instead of something intelligent, a hit — which kind of backfired," Bard told The Hollywood Reporter in a Sept. 2013 interview about Ylvis' rise to fame. Instead, the tune shot up into a couple Billboard top 10 lists for digital and streaming music, as well as the Hot 100 chart. It even inspired a children's book that came out last winter.

After appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and the Today show, the Norwegian comedy duo is back with a new music video called “The Trucker’s Hitch,” in which Bard and Vegard struggle to uncover the secret to tying the trucker’s hitch knot. After intensive studying and watching a YouTube tutorial on how to tie the knot, Ylvis finally succeeds. The song, blending country vocals and acoustic guitar with synths and trap-like drops (not unlike Avicii’s 2014 album True), has already received over 200,000 YouTube views in 24 hours.

Watch the new video below.