Ymagis Signs Deal with Spanish Distribution Sector

Tripictures, Vertice, Alta and Wanda are some of the distributors to sign with Ymagis.

MADRID - Ymagis, specialized in digital cinema deployment, announced Wednesday it has reached a non-exclusive agreement with most of the Spanish film distribution sector.

The new accord includes  Absolut, Avalon, A Contracorriente, Alta Classics, Barton Films, DeaPlaneta, Fetival Films, Filmax, Golem, Karma Films, Savor, Tripictures, Vertice, Vertigo, Wanda and Yedra Films.

“The signing  of these contracts confirms the relevance of our model for European exhibitors. Manel Carreras, Ymagis general manager for Spain and its sales and business.

Development vice president said. "Exhibitors supported by Ymagis will now be able to receive independent content in Digital when available. This event paves the way for a full digitalization of the Spanish cinema market at an accelerated rhythm.”

Given Ymagis' previously signed agreements with all six U.S. majors, the company now serves 99 percent of film prints released in Spain.

“All content providers must acknowledge the only way forward to ensure a smooth and fast transition for all Spanish exhibitors to digital, it is with deployment agreements like the one we have just signed with Ymagis,” said Vertice Cine's Jesus Prieto.