Yoko Ono on Lady Gaga: 'She is Incredible'

Yoko Ono, Lady Gaga - perform at 'We Are Plastic Ono Band' - P - 2010
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The 78-year-old artist, who recently charted her eighth no. 1 dance single, marvels at pop's reigning queen and her own crossover success.

Yoko Ono may be known for many things (chief among them: being the love of the late John Lennon's life), but one wouldn’t expect chart-topping dance artist to be one of them. As it turns out, nobody is more surprised than Ono herself.

“Isn’t that amazing?” says the 78-year-old Ono. “I can’t believe it.  But it’s a good song.”

Ono is referring to “Talking to the Universe,” which takes the top spot on the Billboard Dance Club Play singles chart this week. The track is her seventh consecutive No. 1 dance single and her ninth overall, and Ono is giving credit to the team of producers and DJs (Ralphi Rosario, Chris The Greek, Tony Marinos and The Perry Twins) who remixed the song to dance floor perfection.

“It certainly wasn’t my effort,” she says of the track which was originally a funk-flavored rock song from her 1995 album Rising. “I mean, it’s a good song to begin with, but it didn’t get anywhere… The editors and the people that worked on creating the music -- I admire them.”

Another artist Ono looks up to: Lady Gaga. “She is incredible,” Ono declares. “She has a very unique thing of her own, and an incredible energy.”

The avant garde-minded Ono did not catch Gaga’s recent gender-bending MTV Video Music Awards performance of “You and I” because she “was working,” but Ono says she respects the singer for continually pushing the envelope.

“I like the fact that she is trying all sorts of new things,” she said. “I know some people think she shouldn’t have worn the meat dress, but if she didn’t do anything, people would be saying she is a bore.”

To that end, Ono is equally excited and flattered that her music has found a generation of new fans in world-renowned DJs like Tiësto, Afrojack and Swedish House Mafia, all who’ve performed musical mash-ups of her work. Says Ono: “There are many people that never heard of my songs, so it’s nice for me.”