'You Don't Know Jack' Writer to Adapt Book About Blind Man Who Regains Sight (Exclusive)

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Adam Mazer

Adam Mazer will pen the script about Mike May, who regained his vision after 43 years of being blind.

An Emmy-winning screenwriter is about to see the light.

Stone Village Productions and DRO Entertainment, one of the companies behind Black Swan, are tackling an adaptation of Crashing Through: A True Story of Risk, Adventure and the Man Who Dared to See. The companies have set Emmy-winner Adam Mazer to adapt the book by Robert Kurson, the author who penned the non-fiction adventure tome Shadow Divers.

Crashing tells the story of Mike May, a man who was blinded at age 3 and regained his vision at age 46 after an experimental surgery involving stem cells.

Despite being blind, May lived an adventurous life, which included breaking world records in Olympic downhill skiing, joining the CIA and becoming a successful inventor, entrepreneur and family man. But his biggest risk and adventure lay in deciding to rejoin the world of sight.

Stone Village’s Scott Steindorff, who most recently was a producer on the sleeper hit drama The Lincoln Lawyer, and DRO’s Peter Fruchtman (Black Swan) are producing. Dylan Russell, Scott LaStaiti and Craig Chapman are executive producing. Also serving a exec producers are May, Kurson and Kurson’s manager, Jon Leibman of Brillstein Entertainment Partners.

“What’s amazing about this story from a character and actor’s perspective is that you get to understand what it’s like to have vision without having sight – it’s an amazing sensory journey,” said Steindorff. “There is an opportunity here for a director to use the camera to show an audience what it means to really see.”

Mazer has made a name for himself tackling real-life drama. He won an Emmy for writing last year’s HBO movie You Don’t Know Jack, about suicide doctor Jack Kervorkian, and also wrote Breach, a true story about double agent Robert Hanssen that starred Chris Cooper and Ryan Phillippe.

The scribe, repped by ICM, Inphenate and attorney Mitch Smelkinson, is currently writing DeLorean for David Permut and Steve Lee Jones, as well as the HBO pilot Big Girls.

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