Young Obama Video Goes Viral

President Barack Obama Jobs Speech - P 2011
Saul Loeb/Getty Images

A clip of the President in a PSA for TBS, shot 20 years before he was elected, has taken the Internet by storm after being posted to YouTube last week.

Even before he entered politics, the President seems to have been a fan of giving speeches.

A video of a college-aged Barack Obama (who was attending Harvard Law at the time) has been making its way around the Internet in recent days. 

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The 1991 TBS PSA, titled "Black History Minute," shows Obama discussing lawyer Charles Hamilton Houston and his involvement with overturning the Supreme Court's "Separate But Equal" ruling. 

The video was posted to YouTube last week by the user Andy Kaczinski, a St. John's University student and former Republican National Committee intern, who found it on a message board last year reports The Nation's Ari Melber.  

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Since its Nov. 17 posting, it has been viewed over 1 million times and covered everywhere from Yahoo! and USA Today, to Reuters and Fox News. Many news outlets took to analyzing the President's evolution as a speaker.

"The then-Harvard Law Review editor appears a little less comfortable in front of the camera than his is today, and displays his reliance on the teleprompter," writes Yahoo!News.

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While Business Insider, which calls the spot "terrible" said, "Obama's voice is deeper and more authoritative than it is now, possibly because in the ensuing 20 years he has tried to give up smoking."

Watch the video below.