'Younger': Hilary Duff, Sutton Foster Talk 20-Something Milestones and Weird Habits

Younger NYC Premiere H 2015
Greg Allen/Invision/AP

Younger NYC Premiere H 2015

“I had to take a bunch of selfies for an article that I was doing, and I was literally like, 'I don’t want to see any more pictures of myself,' " said Miriam Shor. "How do young people do this?!"

Hilary Duff may have missed out on a lot of young adult experiences, but that doesn’t mean she has any regrets.

"I’ve had a lot of experiences that people probably have in their 30s in my 20s, like having a baby and getting married and having a career," Duff told The Hollywood Reporter at the Younger premiere on Tuesday night. "I went through a phase of, ‘I’m never going to have braces!' or, 'I’m never going to have a locker.' Instead, I was on a TV show. It’s tit for tat."

Duff is enjoying (pretending) to make those mistakes on Darren Star's new TV Land series, which follows 40-something Liza, played by Sutton Foster, as she pretends to be 26 in order to re-enter the workforce in book publishing. While Foster herself also is pretending to relive her 20s — the key word is "pretending," she said — she wants to let young people know that it’s OK to not know everything sometimes and to make mistakes.

"I watch a lot of people trying to be more knowing and mature than they are — which seems so silly to say because I did the exact same thing!" Foster told THR. “I just want to be like, 'It’s OK! It’s OK not to know everything. It’s OK to flail and flop around.' I wish I had allowed myself to do that more."

The show highlights other odd habits of today's 20-somethings. "Their definition of privacy is certainly different than mine," said Star, admitting he has dipped his toe into social media — and then immediately took it out. "Everything just goes online; everything is shared in a big way."

Debi Mazar, who plays Liza’s best friend, is a little confused by the new sayings young people create. "Nico [Tortorella, who plays Liza's love interest, Josh] told me about LOYO? Living your life. ... YOLO!" said Mazar, remembering the acronym. "And I hate the fact that teenagers and 20-somethings are always on their phone. I like to talk on the phone. I do text. But I have to text my daughter because that’s how she prefers to communicate. And I find it annoying."

Miriam Shor, who plays Liza’s overbearing boss, is a little perplexed by the selfie phenomenon. “I had to take a bunch of selfies for an article that I was doing, and I was literally like, 'I don’t want to see any more pictures of myself,' " she said with a laugh. "How do young people do this?!"

Following the screening of three episodes at New York's Landmark Sunshine Cinema, the stars and invited guests — including Ben Rappaport, Emily Bergl and June Ambrose — enjoyed an afterparty at Chefs Club, where pink posters populated the intimate space and a signature pink cocktail (the Empirical, made with gin, watermelon, lavender and lemon) was served. With a photo-op spot and a hefty spread of mini desserts, the event lasted past midnight as everyone danced to the music. What else would you expect from a Darren Star premiere?