Youthful infusion on the way to ICM


In a move to strengthen its motion picture talent department, ICM has hired Gersh agents Lorrie Bartlett and Chuck James.

The two will join ICM as senior agents today and report to Toni Howard, the agency's head of motion picture talent. Bartlett and James have long-standing relationships with Howard; James even started his career at ICM.

Bartlett and James bring with them such clients as Megan Fox, Djimon Hounsou, Eliza Dushku, Regina King and Omar Epps.

The additions are intended to bring vitality to the talent roster, which has thinned in the past couple of years with the defections of Mel Gibson, Denzel Washington, Craig Ferguson and Tyra Banks.

ICM recently acquired the Marsha Vlasic Organization, which brought to its music division such acts as Ben Folds, Elvis Costello, Neil Young and Van Morrison.

"We are doing a lot of expansion on the agency, especially our motion picture side," ICM president Chris Silbermann said. "It's not easy to find good agents out there."

At Gersh, Bartlett was senior partner, James was a partner. (partialdiff)