YouTube Channel Miranda Sings to Debut Comedy Special on Vimeo

Courtesy of YouTube/Miranda Sings

The special premieres Dec. 14 on the streaming video service.

Miranda Sings is bringing her off-pitch performance to Vimeo. 

The YouTube alter ego of comedian Colleen Evans will debut her first comedy special Dec. 14 on the streaming video service. Filmed at Seattle's Moore Theatre, Miranda Sings: Selp Helf (intentionally misspelled) will feature audience sing-alongs, instructional dancing lessons and Miranda's response to hate mail. It is currently available to pre-order for $9.99. 

Evans began posting YouTube videos as Miranda about seven years ago, and as the character has risen in popularity — today the channel boasts 5.4 million subscribers and 735 million views — she has evolved into a wacky, often inept performer known for bold red lipstick and bright, offbeat sartorial choices. Evans teases that there will be a lot of lipstick during the special. "My special is based on what I think Miranda would want for the show," she says. "In her mind, it's not a comedy special. It's a wonderful concert where she will teach you everything you need to know to succeed in life just by using her talents." 

Evans has been touring as Miranda for the last two years, playing shows in more than 50 theaters last year. She says that releasing the special on Vimeo will help her reach fans who haven't been able to attend one of the live performances. "After touring the world for years, there are still millions of Mirfandas that have yet to see the live show but are eager to watch it," she says, adding that she was hesitant to ask fans to pay for the video because most of her YouTube videos are free but "quickly realized that my fans are currently paying a substantial amount more to see the show live." 

Vimeo has made a push to bring more content from YouTube stars to the platform, earlier this year inking a deal with New Form Digital to release two scripted series based on short films from YouTubers Sawyer Hartman and PJ Liguori. "Vimeo is thrilled to empower talented digital native creators like Colleen to create exciting new programs like Miranda Sings: Selp Helf and sell them directly to their passionate audiences," said Vimeo vp content and business development Sam Toles.

"I wanted the highest-quality platform possible for my special, and it was important to me that there was no interruptive advertising," Evans adds about why she took the project to Vimeo.