YouTube Co-Founders Launch New Video Service

Getty Images
Chad Hurley

MixBit lets users record short videos and combine them to create longer movies.

YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen are taking on Vine and Instagram with a new video service.

Hurley and Chen's MixBit lets you record, edit and share videos, and you can mix clips from other users to create movies that are much longer than Vine's and Instagram's short clips.

You can record clips as long as 16 seconds and put as many as 256 clips in a single video, so finished movies can be more than an hour long.

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And you can mix together other clips without recording original video of your own.

Hurley and Chen created MixBit to make it easier for everyone to create and share videos, they told Mashable.

The app was built by their AVOS Systems company, which also operates Delicious. Future versions of MixBit will let users upload prerecorded videos and correct colors in clips, according to Mashable.

MixBit launched a free iPhone app on Thursday. An Android version is on the way. Videos can also be viewed and edited at