YouTube Global Creator Lead Bing Chen Resigns to Join Stealth Startup

Bing Chen was global creator development and management lead at the Google-owned video-streaming service.

YouTube is losing its global creator development and management lead. 

Bing Chen, who has worked for the Google-owned video streaming platform for four years, is leaving the company to join a stealth startup. Chen, who said his last day at YouTube is Friday, was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 this year because of his work helping guide YouTube's creators in the navigation of its partner program. According to his LinkedIn profile, he co-created and helped lead YouTube's talent incubation program. 

He announced the job change on his blog Thursday morning, writing, "over the past four years, I've witnessed audiences become fans and fans become family. Seen video migrate from TVs and films to laptops to mobile. I've seen shows become channels and channels finally become what they always were: the creator. And I've looked long and hard for the next leap that will entertain and move the world's first generation that's never been unconnected."

He's exiting just a few months after Google's Susan Wojcicki took over as head of YouTube in February. 

Chen ended his blog post with a hint about what he might be doing next. 

"I've tried to find a place where fans can be family -- even if it's for only three minutes. And I've come empty-handed. Because some answers cannot be found -- they must be delivered," he wrote. "Tomorrow may be my last day at YouTube corporate, but it's hardly the beginning of how I hope to support the most creative community in the world."