YouTube to Cut Less Successful Original Content Channels (Report)

The Google-owned online video site will also look for new channels to fund as it fine-tunes its content strategy.

Google’s YouTube is preparing to weed out some of the weaker performers among its original content channels. 

At the same time, the online video site will look at funding new channel launches with a fresh round of capital injections that will fine tune the YouTube content initiative, the New York Post reported.

YouTube last year started to roll out about 100 channels with professionally produced content - some of which featuring or involving contributions from such big-name talent as Amy Poehler, Jay-Z, Ashton Kutcher and Sofia Vergara - and provided $100 million in funding.

Back then, the company said it expects to pick winners and losers over time.

 YouTube, led by CEO Salar Kamangar, is gearing up to cut an unspecified number of less successful channels by year's end, the Post reported.

“By October or November, they’re going to be deciding on new people to fund” to hone in on the most lucrative offers, the paper quoted one channel partner as saying. It added that the site would also spend $200 million on online ads to promote the channels.

It wasn't immediately clear what metrics YouTube would most focus on, but the Post said time viewers spend on a channel in addition to the number of views would be part of the consideration. 

The papert said that among the better-performing original content channels on YouTube are Warner Music's The Warner Sound and the Reserve Channel, a lifestyle- and travel-focused offer.


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