YouTube Star Olga Kay Launches Mobile App

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Olga Kay

A growing number of YouTubers have created their own portals

YouTube star Olga Kay is joining the mobile app club.

The vlogger announced Friday that she has launched a free branded app for iPhones and Androids. She's one of a growing number of YouTubers who are launching their own mobile portals, including Swedish gamer PewDiePie, who worked with YouTube network Maker Studios to create his app, and Michelle Phan, who is working with startup Victorious to create an app of her own.

Kay's app was created by video distribution firm Beachfront Media and is compatible with a range of platforms, including connected TV devices such as Roku. It combines Kay's YouTube videos from across her five separate channels, which have more than a million combined subscribers, and also integrates with her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

The app gives Kay a broader opportunity for monetization by allowing her to control the in-app advertising around her videos and giving her the option of selling inventory directly to advertisers. It's this added layer of monetization, along with the ability to create a centralized mobile presence, that has led many YouTubers to explore launching apps of their own.

Kay is repped by Untitled Entertainment Management. Watch her introduce the app: