YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen Comes Out as Gay in Moving Video

Ingrid Nilsen Coming Out - H 2015
Courtesy of Ingrid Nilsen

Ingrid Nilsen Coming Out - H 2015

"We all deserve our best chance," she told viewers. "I'm giving myself my best chance, and so should you."

YouTube star Ingrid Nilsen had a surprise for her 3.3 million subscribers when she posted her latest video on her channel on Tuesday.

Viewers who were expecting a new beauty tutorial from the 26-year-old instead got a moving revelation in a video message that served as Nilsen's public coming-out.

"There's something that I want you to know, and that something is — I'm gay," Nilsen boldly told her subscribers, before breaking down into tears. "It feels so good to say that." 

She revealed that she learned she was attracted to girls as early as when she was four years old, though it took her several years and involvement in a few romantic relationships with men before she was able to come to terms with her sexuality.

"I have felt the need to take this part of me and put it in a cabinet and lock it up really tight. I shoved it in a corner because I basically was seeking love and approval," she said. "We all deserve our best chance. And it's time for me to give myself my best chance."

She added, "This is me, and the fact that I'm gay is a part of me. ... I want to live my life unapologetically. ... I'm giving myself my best chance, and so should you."

Hear her emotional coming-out story in the video below.