Yummy Mummies Make Glam Media Tops in Canada

Glam Media is number one north of the border not long after expanding its online-Mom empire to Canada, according to comScore.

TORONTO – Not long after launching in Canada, Glam Media is number one here with female consumers by hitting them where it helps mothers lead busy lives.

“We create content that is relevant for us,” Erica Ehm, publisher of the Yummy Mummy Club website, which features content and blogs viewed through the lens of mothers, and with ads sold through Glam Media Canada.

“They (mothers) are looking for something authentic and intelligent, not patronizing and not earnest, something that comes from them. They let us be us,” Ehm, a former Canadian TV host turned website operator, said.

That’s the Glam Media business model in a nutshell: sign up sites that target women, and sell ads across its network using its vertical media platform.

At the same time, Glam Media Canada moves beyond banner or display ads on its female-focused sites to target stories and products at those that buy and use them the most: Canadian mothers.

"Our aim is to create content that's real and resonates and we become the ambassadors for the product," Ehm argues.

The Yummy Mummy Club founder jumped on board with Glam Media last spring when the U.S. media company expanded into Canada by acquiring BBS Media, the Canadian ad rep firm, to create Glam Media Canada.

Glam Media Canada has since become number one among mothers here, according to comScore data, which is significant considering the U.S. media group insists women control 85% of Canadian household spending, or around $160 billion in annual sales.

Mark Boxer, vp of Glam Media Canada, said the Yummy Mummy Club, which has been with BBS Media for four years, is now part of Glam Media’s worldwide presence after the launch of Glam Media Canada.

“Our mission has been simple: to jump into the fold of Glam Media seamlessly, and bring premium brand advertisers online and connect them with powerful social content,” Boxer said.