Those yummy Nick tunes set for mass consumption


It creeps up on you unexpectedly during the least convenient moments -- at a work lunch, say, or while waiting at the interminable line at Mozza. Worst yet, once it catches you, it won't let go.

"There's a party in my tummy! So yummy! So yummy!"

It's the catchy chorus to -- you guessed it -- "There's a Party in My Tummy," one of the songs featured on Nickelodeon's "Yo Gabba Gabba!" a charming show aimed at preschoolers with enough music street cred to draw in their parents. The Shins, the Aquabats, Mya and Mark Mothersbaugh all have made appearances.

Doug Cohn is senior vp music marketing and talent at Nickelodeon, and he's plain thrilled if "So yummy! So yummy!" echoes through your brain for the next few days. Facing stiff competition from Disney Channel's dual juggernauts of "Hannah Montana" and "High School Musical," Cohn's goal is to exploit Nickelodeon's 6-month-old deal with Sony Music to get as much crossover content between the cable network's shows to your ears as soon as possible.

"We're co-developing, co-producing and co-financing TV shows and record deals with them," says Cohn, who started in his post last year before the deal was announced. "I am just thrilled in the way everybody strategically works together and wants to win."

The first album from Nickelodeon and Columbia Records was "The Naked Brothers Band," based on the channel's mockumentary series about 13-year-old Nat and 10-year-old Alex's journey to rock stardom. The set has sold 208,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The second season of "Naked Brothers" premieres Monday.

Last week, Nickelodeon announced that an album for the kiddie show "The Backyardigans" will be released Tuesday and feature performances by Sony artists Alicia Keys, Cyndi Lauper and Tony-winner Adam Pascal. A stage tour based on the recent "Backyardigans" TV movie, "Tale of the Mighty Nights," will begin in March.

In recent weeks, Nickelodeon also dropped the theme song to "iCarly," titled "Leave It All to Me" and sung by star Miranda Cosgrove, onto iTunes for download.

And as for "Yo Gabba"? It just got picked up for a second season, and Cohn says there will be an album released in the near future. "We're going through all the music," he says. "It's an embarrassment of riches."

So yummy! So yummy! Oh wait, that's an embarrassment of a different sort.

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