Yvette Nicole Brown Shares Love for 'Ted Lasso': It's a "Gift to My Weary Soul"

Ted Lasso and inset of Yvette Nicole Brown

The actor and writer tells The Hollywood Reporter about her appreciation for Apple TV+'s series, starring Jason Sudeikis, and what makes the show so special.

"There isn't one moment in particular that sold me on Ted Lasso … or maybe there are so many I can't pick just one! That's how much I love the show. It is an all-encompassing love now that has no beginning and no end. I don't know why this moment sticks out, but the reveal that Ted is home baking those perfect biscuits every night just stayed with me on my first watch of the show. (I'm on my second now.) Something about that decision to bake them himself, and the decision to keep it a secret from Rebecca, just endeared him to me in a way I can't even quantify. The reason wasn't calculated. He wasn't after anything. He just wanted to delight her with a baking gift that he had. Her joy was his reward. That part of Ted was a gift to my weary soul in this strange, difficult year. And that quality that the character has — joy for joy's sake — permeates every other decision he makes on the show. And his desire to be good for goodness' sake rubs off on everyone else on the show, and I hope also on everyone who watches the show and falls in love with it, as I did. What a beautiful gift of a show Ted Lasso is!"

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