Zac Efron, Adam DeVine Compare Their Very Different Fan Bases on 'Conan'

Adam DeVine, Zac Efron on Conan - H 2016
YouTube/Team Coco

DeVine also shared that he feels like a "true treasure troll" next to Efron.

Adam DeVine and Zac Efron, who play brothers in the upcoming film Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, shared what it's really like to hang out together on Conan on Thursday night. 

Notably, DeVine told O'Brien that he feels like a "true treasure troll" next to Efron, whom he described as the ultimate chick magnet. 

"It's weird because Zac ... his fans range from like 12-year-old girls to like 65-year-old women," said DeVine. "There's all these cute girls who just want to take photos with Zac and mine that are just supplied with beer bongs and bong bongs. That's the switchblade."

Efron (whose hair was died blonde for his role on Baywatch) called DeVine's Workaholics fans "awesome" too, though. "I'm getting to meet them, but they are very different. It's kind of like Westside Story every time they come together. There's like the Sharks and the Jets."

In true Mike and Dave fashion, Efron and DeVine later picked two women from the audience (one being DeVine's mother) to sit with them onstage as their dates while they previewed a clip from the upcoming film. 

The comedy is based off of the true story of brothers who took out a Craigslist ad in search of dates for their cousin's wedding. Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza also star in the film, which O'Brien pointed out was an interesting story to develop based off a real story.

"Some movies, it's like they need to make a movie about Mandela or Lincoln, and sometimes you need to make a movie about two brothers that just want to get a date. Who's to say which is the most important movie?" joked DeVine. "The Academy will see. I'm going to start my campaign now."

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates hits theaters July 8. 

Watch their interview below.