Zac Efron and Jimmy Fallon Dress Up for "Water War" Game

Zac Efron on Tonight Show - H 2016

The 'Neighbors 2' star donned a long wig for the 'Tonight Show' card game.

Zac Efron went above and beyond on Wednesday's Tonight Show

The Neighbors 2 star played the classic card game War with host Jimmy Fallon, but, as with all Tonight Show games, it had an added twist. The winner got to "water cannon" the loser, and they both started the segment wearing long wigs. 

"Lots of ways to get wet, only one way to win," Fallon explained. 

"This seems so disrespectful," Efron told him, right before abruptly throwing water in his face. 

After a few losses on either side, an audience member yelled "take your shirt off!" but Fallon quickly yelled back, "No, I can't! I have a show to do!" 

In the end, one of them got completely soaked with the water cannon, and the audience loved it. 

Watch the full video below.