Zac Efron's 5 Funniest Film and TV Roles

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From 'Neighbors' to 'Robot Chicken'

Zac Efron certainly has come a long way since playing Troy.

The actor got his start in the Disney Channel's High School Musical trilogy before branching out into a variety of film roles. Some were huge hits; others (read: Charlie St. Cloud), not so much.

But Efron's career is hotter than ever, thanks in part to his willingness to go back to comedy, including 2015's Dirty Grandpa. So here are our picks for his five funniest roles thus far. 

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This became summer's surprise hit, which had a lot to do with Efron poking fun at his image as a macho jock as he went head-to-head with Seth Rogen. That said, many viewers probably also weren't complaining about seeing him appear shirtless through a good chunk of the film.

17 Again

After his High School Musical success, this body-switch comedy helped proved he could have a career on the big screen. The premise was borderline creepy, but the film still offered plenty of laughs. 

That Awkward Moment

This film wasn't a breakout hit at the box office, but it offered crowd-pleasing fun. Plus, with Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller also starring, it's hard to find a comedy this year featuring a greater amount of promising up-and-comers. 

Saturday Night Live

Efron has proven to be quite the capable SNL host, even taking a page from Justin Timberlake's book by showing off his singing chops in some sketches. 

Robot Chicken

Efron has surprisingly appeared in three episodes of the venerable sketch show, playing such characters as Harry Potter and Billy Joel.

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