Zach Braff's Kickstarter Closes With $3.1 Million in Pledged Funds

Zach Braff Tribeca Film Fest 2011
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 27:  Actor Zach Braff attends the Vanity Fair Party at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival at the State Supreme Courthouse on April 27, 2011 in New York City.

Kate Hudson, Mandy Patinkin and Josh Gad have been cast in "Wish I Was Here."

Zach Braff's Kickstarter project closed on Friday with over $3.1 million in pledged funds from over 46,000 supporters. 

The Garden State filmmaker launched a project to raise money for a new film, titled Wish I Was Here, on the crowdfunding website on April 24. Within days, he hit his goal of $2 million in pledged funds. 

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The success led to the project getting additional gap financing at Cannes Film Festival, provided by Worldview Entertainment.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I won't let you down! Lets do this," the filmmaker wrote Friday on Twitter. 

Kate Hudson, Jim Parsons, Josh Gad (1600 Penn) and Mandy Patinkin (Homeland) have all been cast in the film. 

In addition to crowdfunded financing, Braff has stated that he also expected to invest his own money in the production. 

"I guarantee you it will be a lot of money but I don't know what it is yet because it will all depend on where we close on Kickstarter," he told The Hollywood Reporter's Kim Masters in early May. 

Braff starred in the long-running sitcom Scrubs. He was reportedly paid $350,000 an episode for the 2007-2008 year of the ABC series.