Zach Braff's Kickstarter Project Hits $1 Million

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images
Zach Braff

The film, titled "Wish I Was Here," is the "Scrubs" actor's follow-up to "Garden State."

Zach Braff is halfway to his Kickstarter goal.

Following in the footsteps of Veronica Mars  series creator Rob Thomas (whose project raised $2 million in fundraising in its first day), the Scrubs star's campaign to finance an original film has hit $1 million in pledged funds.

Braff said the reason why he launched a Kickstarter was to maintain a degree of creative control for his new film, titled Wish I Was Here. It will be the first film he has directed since 2004's Garden State

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"I always hit roadblocks, whether it was having to cast a certain person or having to retain final cut with the success of Garden State," Braff told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday about the Kickstarter project. "With this movie, I’m so passionate about this movie, I was really about to sign on the dotted line with a traditional financing arrangement, and it’s been 10 years; God I want to make a movie more than anything. I’ll do whatever you want, I’ll give away final cut, I’ll put your brother in it, whatever."

Most recently, Braff had a role in Disney's Oz The Great and Poweful. In addition to Garden State, his writing and directing credits include the play All New People, which debuted off-Broadway in 2011.