Zahn, Discovery net crack order for 'Case'


Former CNN anchor Paula Zahn's weekly news project for Discovery Investigates has received a series order from the network.

"On the Case With Paula Zahn" will explore crime mysteries for 13 episodes, beginning in October.

The show is from Zahn and producing partners Scott Weinberger of Weinberger Media and Scott Sternberg of Scott Sternberg Prods. Segments will feature stories from those closest to each case, as well as expert analysis.

Producers said "Case" will stand out from the newsmagazine crowd by performing in-depth investigations, rather than offering glancing coverage, and because Zahn will conduct major interviews.

"It's not just introducing stories and doing wraparound segments," Sternberg said. "We're being much more upfront with Zahn's personality, and it will be woven into the show. She gets to be a part of the investigation and really perform."

Zahn is the latest former anchor to find a job on a new cable network, a recent trend that also includes Dan Rather joining HDNet and Ted Koppel going to BBC America. (partialdiff)