Zara Launches Genderless Collection

zara split - H 2016
Courtesy of Zara

zara split - H 2016

Fittingly, it's called "Ungendered."

Zara is the latest retailer to embrace gender-neutral clothes. The fast-fashion label quietly introduced a new collection called "Ungendered" under its TRF brand on Friday.

The collection features 16 everyday unisex items, including plain white T-shirts ($15.90), sweatshirts ($25.90), oversize jogging trousers ($25.90) and jeans ($49.90).

Though it's being praised by some, there are those on the Interwebs who are raising concerns that these designs are promoting the idea that genderless clothing can only be seen as plain, basic pieces.

Genderless fashion isn't exactly a new concept in the industry, as a number of fashion houses — Gypsy Sport, J.W.Anderson and Hood by Air — already have been embracing unisex collections on the runway. But seeing the concept hit the mainstream, especially given Zara's international reach, will be interesting. Here's to seeing how consumers will react (or not react) to gender-neutral clothes.