Zavorotnyuk/Rossiya relationship on thin ice<br /> <br />

Russian state-run channel to sue popular TV host

KIEV, Ukraine -- The Russian state-run channel Rossiya is suing actress-TV host Anastasiya Zavorotnyuk for 17 million rubles ($700,000) for breaking a contract with the channel signed in June, the Russian wire service RIA Novosti reported Wednesday.

Under the contract, the actress, who earned nationwide popularity several years ago as star of CTC's TV series "My Beautiful Nanny," a remake of the U.S. sitcom "The Nanny," was supposed to host or co-host several shows on Rossiya, in particular the figure skating show "Star Ice."

However, last month, Zavorotnyuk received a more attractive offer to host a similar show on another state-run channel, Channel One, and chose to go with that, unilaterally breaking her agreement with Rossiya.

The first court session is scheduled for Nov. 20. Zavorotnyuk, one of the most popular media personalities in Russia, declined comment on the situation.

Since the channel hasn't disclosed details of its contract with the actress, observers are uncertain about the prospects of the case in court.