Zayn Malik Wears Colored Contact in 'Like I Would' Video

Courtesy of ZaynVEVO
Zayn Malik in "Like I Would" music video.

Just on one eye, though.

A week after the Met Gala, Zayn Malik seemed to continue to embrace the event's tech-inspired theme in his "Like I Would" music video, which dropped Thursday night.

The futuristic, Tron-like video, shot by Director X, sees the pop star outfitted in a bodysuit with neon lights and just one colored contact lens — that's right, just one bright orange contact on his right eye.

Malik is the latest musician to embrace colored eyes; Kanye West caused a Twitter frenzy last week when he stepped out for the Met Gala in icy blue contact lens. Despite the backlash on the rapper's eerie eye, critic Miriam Bale defended his decision in The Hollywood Reporter last week, writing, "But more than any nefarious influence of his Met Ball companion, wife Kim, what West’s silvery eyes reflected back at the world that night was the judgment of others."

The social media reaction to Malik's look has been less critical. Kind of. "And in that moment I swear we all fell in love with Zayn's orange contact lens #LIKEIWOULD," wrote one Twitter user. On the other hand, another user expressed, "Zayn's orange eye of sauron is still haunting me, like i barely slept bc I couldn't stop wondering if he still had that contact lens."