Zayn Malik Explains His One Direction Exit: "An Alien Spoke to Me in a Dream"

Zayn Malik - H 2016
Miller Mobley

The extraterrestial advice hasn't worked out too badly for the 'Mind of Mine' singer.

Zayn Malik made a huge call to leave One Direction, and for a moment there he might have thought it a poor decision. Fast forward 16 months, and Malik is on top of the world. His solo debut album Mind of Mine was a global success, while the band he left behind is on hiatus.

In a new interview, the singer confessed he got some timely advice from an unlikely source. “An alien spoke to me in a dream,” he told Glamour in a quickfire Q&A. But don't take it all too seriously, and don't hold your breath on Zayn starting a band with those other well-known UFO hunters Tom DeLonge and Robbie Williams. Chalk it up to Zayn's cheeky British sense of humor.

It’s a fun and revealing interview. For example, Tupac’s All Eyez on Me was the first album he owned, the first thing he likes to do after a performance is pay homage to Bob Marley, and Michael Jackson’s Thriller was his first musical inspiration. And guess who’s the first person he speaks to in the morning? Read the article here.

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