Zayn Malik's 5 Best Hair Moments We'll Always Remember

Zayn Malik Hair - P 2015
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Zayn Malik Hair - P 2015

Today, millions of preteens mourn Zayn Malik's exit from beloved boy band One Direction. In paying tribute to our favorite departing 1D member (Shhh! Don't tell Harry), we're looking back at Malik's luscious locks. They will be missed.

Apparently Zayn Malik, member of panty-dropping boy band One Direction, has a different direction in mind than that of fellow bandmates Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. 1D announced Wednesday that Malik has decided to leave the group in order to lead a more “normal” life as a regular 22-year-old.

In wake of this shocking news, we’re paying homage to Malik’s glorious mane with a look at his top five hair moments from his five years with 1D. Enjoy.

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1. The Shag

The mane in all its glory, unrestrained by hair accessories.

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2. The Man Bun

The sleek low bun shows off that ear candy.

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3. The "Harry Styles"

Or should we call it the "Justin Bieber"? Either way, we think Malik wore it best.

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4. The Headband

It keeps his hair out of his face — so we can see those brown eyes better.

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5. The Perfectly Imperfect Swoop

A single lock of hair out of place that says "I care, but not too much." 

So long, Zayn and his lucious locks.