Zendaya-Giuliana Rancic Dreadlocks Dispute: Ava DuVernay, Kerry Washington, Whoopi Goldberg Back Disney Star

Zendaya Oscars - H 2015
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Zendaya Oscars - H 2015

Meanwhile, Rosie Perez doesn't think Rancic's apology served its purpose, saying her comment amounts to "doubling down on an insult."

Disney star Zendaya Coleman wasn't the only one offended when E!'s Giuliana Rancic said of the actress-singer's dreadlocked-look at the Oscars: "I feel like she smells like patchouli oil and weed."

Rancic's remark, made on Monday night's Fashion Police, led Coleman to post a long statement on Twitter in which she says the reaction to her Oscar appearance consisted of "ignorant slurs and pure disrespect."

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"To say that an 18 year old young woman with locs must smell of patchouli oil or 'weed' is not only a large stereotype but outrageously offensive," she said, adding that her family members also have dreadlocks, as do Selma director Ava DuVernay, author Terry McMillan and "many other men women and children of all races."

She added, "There is already harsh criticism of African American hair in society without the help of ignorant people who choose to judge others based on the curl of their hair. My wearing my hair in locs on an Oscar red carpet was to showcase them in a positive light, to remind people of color that our hair is good enough. To me, locs are a symbol of strength and beauty, almost like a lion's mane."

DuVernay, Kerry Washington and Chloe Grace Moretz were among those siding with the Disney star. The Selma director retweeted Coleman's remarks, adding "You're beautiful, Queen. We bless the ignorant and wish them well. Onward. xo." The Scandal actress did the same, writing, "Well done Beautiful. XO." Moretz, meanwhile, replied to Coleman with "people need to grow up, realize it's 2015, and act like it. Beautifully written."

Rancic apologized for her remark, tweeting the below.

But on Tuesday's The View, Rosie Perez didn't seem to think that was much of an apology. "That's doubling down on an insult," Perez said. "Everyone who's bohemian chic looks like they smoke weed and smells like patchouli?"

And Whoopi Goldberg took a moment to remind Rancic, if she was watching, that she also has dreadlocks.

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Goldberg added that the only person who can get away with such caustic criticism on Fashion Police is the show's former host: Joan Rivers.

"If you ain't Joan Rivers, back up, Giuliana," Goldberg added.

Those aren't the only celebs to have Zendaya's back. See who else has tweeted their support for the star.