Zendaya Joins Digital Club With Launch of Lifestyle App

Zendaya - Glamour Women Of The Year 2016-Getty - H 2016
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

The fashionista wanted more control over her own creations, she says.

Hot on the heels of launching her own clothing line, Zendaya is expanding her budding empire to include Zendaya: The App.

The lifestyle app, which is now live and available exclusively to iOS users in the App Store, comes from Whalerock Industries, the same company that produces the stable of apps from the entire Kardashian and Jenner clan.

Said to offer "a truly immersive experience" for her fans, Zendaya: The App is a mix of free and subscriber content on a wide range of subjects from fashion and music to social activism and makeup tutorials. There are even restaurant suggestions! (It's free to download while subscriber content starts at $2.99/month or for a limited time, or $24.99/year.)

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As for why this and why now, Zendaya told Teen Vogue that she wanted to be more in control of her brand.

"I really thought the best way to control that and make pieces that entertain people and show more about myself was through an app because that's where kids’ heads are at now — it's all digital, it's all media, it's all forward-thinking," she said. "I want to use it as a platform to not only just [show] things about myself, but also to bring awareness to people that I think are important. I think it's going to evolve into something really, really special."

To learn more on The App, watch the clip below.