This Is What Zendaya Thinks About Beauty

Courtesy of Bold PR
Zendaya at the Sephora at the Grove.

The actress, who recently had a Barbie created in her honor, says it's all about figuring out "what beauty becomes for yourself."

Upon entering the new Sephora store at The Grove before it’s official opening on Friday, it was hard not to miss the five-foot-10-inches-tall Zendaya as she scoped out the 4,746-square-foot space for everything from lipsticks to concealer.

As she towered over this particular reporter in her lace-up Prada booties, there's no denying that the 19-year-old actress carries a total sense of confidence. It’s no wonder Barbie created a doll in celebration of her.

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"They were just like, 'Hey we're interested in making a custom Barbie,' and then from there, they picked the moment — the outfit, the hair. And I really appreciated that because they could have picked anything else," Zendaya tells Pret-a-Reporter of her new Barbie doll, which is dressed in a replica of the Vivienne Westwood gown she wore to the 2015 Oscars.

"They definitely, I feel, believe in what I stand for, and where Barbie is going with diversity, [they] felt I was a good person to help them get there and help them kind of achieve that new Barbie image, which is where they’re going," she added. "Barbie is very different now."

The Disney star and producer has always been one to embrace everyone's inner and outer beauty — whether it's showing support for a beauty vlogger to shutting down Internet trolls for making fun of her parents — but she isn't one to define the word.

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"I don't feel like there's a true definition for beauty in general. I feel like everyone creates their own definition and it’s never ending," said the shoe designer, clad in a Badwood crop-top sweater and shredded jeans. "It's an endless kind of thing. You can figure out as you grow older, like what beauty becomes for yourself."

Just before Zendaya continued to take in all of Sephora's offerings, we couldn't help but wonder — would the beauty enthusiast ever consider launching her own makeup line?

"Of course, definitely at some point," she said. "Obviously I love it, that’s why I’m here." Fair enough.