Ziggy Marley Pens 4/20 Letter

Pierre Andrieu/AFP/Getty Images

See what the son of Bob Marley has to say about marijuana's day of tribute.

Ziggy Marley, a musician like his father, renowned reggae artist Bob Marley, penned an open letter for Billboard discussing what 4/20 and cannabis mean to him.

Marley, who cited many different ways to celebrate the day, including concerts, conventions and a comic book release, also asked readers to "enjoy responsibly." 

The musician also discussed what the day signifies for him, writing "For me, 4/20 means more than just a day to relish in the delights of natures oral herbal bliss. It is a day of an idea, of a philosophy that has been planted but is yet to be reaped. A solution for the fix."

Read the full text at Billboard.com