Zoe Saldana's Hairstylist Predicts Coachella's "It" Braids

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Mara Roszak's client, Zoe Saldana, with a messy fishtail braid at the 2015 'Vanity Fair' Oscar Party

Mara Roszak dishes on the type of plaits she expects to be most popular on this year's music-festival circuit.

Whether Coachella is more about the music or being "scene" is debatable. Regardless, image matters. The past years have seen many beauty looks, but perhaps the most pervasive and unflagging is the braid. Crown braids, upside-down, milkmaid and double French — the versions go on. This year, however, celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak has two style predictions: the five-strand braid and hair down, with tiny random braids throughout.

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Says Roszak, "Coachella has become more of a fashion scene, and you want to treat it like you do an event you’re going to. If you’re a down-hair girl, you’ll do the beachy thing with skinny braids so it feels more hippie-bohemian. The five-strand braid is for the girl who’s more about creating a look and a statement." Adds the stylist, who is responsible for such actresses as Emma Stone, Lily Collins and Zoe Saldana's tresses: "One is more natural and effortless, and the other is really cool but says, 'I did try.' "

Once you know your braid personality, the level of difficulty varies. The five-strand braid — which Roszak just did on January Jones for a Violet Grey shoot— is more difficult, and it might help to employ a friend. "There are tons of tutorials online, and once you get the rhythm down, it’s actually pretty easy, like weaving a basket," says Roszak, who suggests practicing a few times prefestival to get it perfect. "It helps to have a visual, but you have five sections and start on the far left with strand one; take it over two and under three. Then go to strand five, and go over four and under three — and just keep weaving like that."


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Roszak likens the other look to what girls tend to do when sitting in school bored, twirling their hair. "Just make a couple really tiny, almost-mini braids throughout the head — in the front and in random areas," she says. "It’s barely there, but it adds an element of that bohemian vibe, and it’s also really cute." As for finishing the braids off, she suggests gathering colored embroidery floss or yarn — "like I used to do these hair wraps on all my girlfriends" — to secure the braids, letting the loose ends hang down like fringe or tassels. "I think that looks supercool," says Roszak.

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For both these styles, texture is key. So when packing for the desert, make sure to bring along an appropriate product — Roszak's favorites are L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Tousle Wave Spray ($5) and L’Oreal Paris Boost It High Lift Creation Spray ($5). And, bonus: Dirty hair works best. "It’s great for day-old hair, which kind of goes with the vibe [at Coachella] anyway." As for the skill required? Says Roszak, "I have confidence in people nowadays — everyone’s gotten so much better at doing their own hair."