Zoey Deutch Reveals Favorite Looks, Inspirations With Power Stylist Elizabeth Stewart

The 'Politician' actress and her fashion pro talk about how they've bonded over a shared "grandma chic" style and reveal their favorite style era for The Hollywood Reporter's 2020 Power Stylists issue.

Zoey Deutch and Power Stylist Elizabeth Stewart have bonded over a shared "grandma chic" style, but they certainly don't always agree on everything. "I almost want to change my answer," Deutch joked after she and Stewart both pegged the 1950s as their favorite style era. "It feels so wrong to agree," the Politician actress said.

"Everybody always looked good, and waists were always cinched," Stewart said of the '50s. She noted the current '90s trends of today, saying, "Everything comes around. It's fun to rediscover things in your closet that you thought were done and are now back."

As a teen, Deutch, 25, shopped at thrift stores and made her own clothes. "I was much more out there with it."

"I would cut denim pants into skirts, because I wanted to match Mary-Kate and Ashley, and then I'd wear lace thigh-highs. Not good."

"Lesson: Denim is dangerous," Stewart added.

The Fendi yellow jumpsuit Deutch wore to the Golden Globes in January marked the actress' favorite red carpet look. Stewart had to convince Deutch to add the Harry Winston necklace to the bright ensemble, "because it was very expensive" ($3.6 million, to be exact).

As far as enjoying working with stylist Stewart and their personal relationship, Deutch said, "I'm really trying this twinning thing. I know, she's got her thing with Julia Roberts, but I can try!"