'Zombeavers' Takes a Bite Out of the Oscar Nominees

Courtesy Epic Picture Groups

The horror flick buzzing on the Internet has now gotten its teeth into "Gravity," "Her" and "American Hustle" as they enter the final stretch before the Oscars.

Zombeavers has been causing a buzz on the Internet in recent weeks, and its trailer has already amassed over 1.8 million YouTube views. 

Now the microbudget horror film is getting its teeth into the Oscar-nominated films, with a collection of spoof posters for the "Zombeaver Awards."

See Gravity like never before, with Sandra Bullock's character as a beaver flashing her sharp fangs as she floats through space. 

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Even the reviews have a satirical twist, with the "director's mom," saying there is "too much nudity, too many swear words." And "someone on YouTube" begging, "No, just … no."

Joaquin Phoenix is transformed into a snarling, furry beast with glowing eyes for the Her poster, as blood drips from his incisors. 

Meanwhile, the American Hustle beaver displays all the dapper style of the ensemble cast in a burgundy smoking jacket, yellow-tinted aviator sunglasses and a blue cravat. 

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Directed by Jordan RubinZombeavers follows a rampage of killer beavers hunting college students, and it is already an online sensation. 

"To me it's all about doing it straight. It's a serious situation. It's pure horror. Playing to the reality is so funny," Rubin previously told The Hollywood Reporter when asked if his creation was the next Sharknado.

Zombeavers was buzzed about at the Berlin Film festival this year and is eyeing U.S. film fests as well as domestic distribution, where UTA and Epic pictures are repping it.

See above and below for the Zombeaver Awards movie posters: