Zombie has a full slate for 2008


DETROIT -- Rob Zombie complains about having "too many projects." But he has a slew of them planned for the coming year -- including a DVD, a couple more movies and even possibly the long-delayed White Zombie boxed set.

Of the latter, Zombie said during a teleconference Tuesday that "I always keep putting it on the back burner to do other projects ... I'm not real good at going back and wanting to re-do old stuff. I always want to do new stuff, so that's why that project keeps dragging on forever."

He does have a plan for it, however -- "Basically every single thing ever so that I could put out the box set and say, 'That's everything. Don't ask me about anything else. That's everything that band ever recorded,' 'cause there isn't a lot of extra stuff. But there's tons of stuff that was never on CD, that was on these limited vinyl releases."

As to whether the White Zombie box will finally see a 2008 release, Zombie -- who's touring with Ozzy Osbourne -- offered a definite "maybe. If I wait much longer, no one will know what a boxed set is."

Zombie also said that his animated comedy "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto" -- which features the voices of Paul Giamatti, Geoffrey Lewis and Zombie's wife, Sheri Moon -- is "almost 100% done," though it still has to be edited and soundtracked for an expected 2008 release.

He's also been linked to a remake of "C.H.U.D." for 2009 but would not confirm what his next film project will be. Meanwhile, Zombie is waiting for editor Glenn Garland to finish with a director's cut of his hit remake of "Halloween" to begin work on a DVD companion to his new "Zombie Live" album.

"We didn't really want to just make a live DVD," Zombie said. "What we really did was make a tour documentary. We start with the first rehearsal through building the stage, traveling, flying, before the show backstage, the after show. It's so many hundreds of hours of footage there was not time to get it together in time (to release with the live album). That's come out later as its own separate thing."