Zombie Protest Draws Media Attention at G20

Zombie Protest G20
Courtesy of 1000 Gestalten

Hundreds of people roamed Hamburg dressed as the walking dead in a demonstration calling for more political engagement.

The walking dead have joined the anti-Trump camp.

In one of the more creative of the dozens of demonstrations surrounding the G20 economic summit, hundreds of ashen-faced zombies roamed the streets of Hamburg, Germany.

The protest, held  Thursday before the G20 kicked off, was the brainchild of the German artistic collective 1000 Gestalten. The performance was meant to symbolize a society that sees itself as helpless and voiceless in the face of the political and economic powers the G20 represents. The summit brings together the leaders of the 20 largest industrial countries, including U.S. President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, with the goal of finding common ground on issue ranging from free trade to global security.

1000 Gestalten said it hopes the demonstration will prod people to break out of their political slumber and take action.

“We cannot wait until change happens from the world's most powerful, we have to show political and social responsibility — all of us — now!,” the group said in a statement. “We want to put back in memory how compassion and public spirit conveys identity for a society. Our campaign is a further symbol for the fact that many people do not want to put up with the destructive impact of capitalism any longer. What will save us in the end is not our account balance but someone who will offer their holding hand.”

The group said more than a thousand volunteers were involved in the planning and execution of the performance and that people from some 85 cities across Europe registered as performers and volunteers. 1000 Gestalten helped finance the performance via crowdfunding, raising more than $22,000 (20,000 euro) online.

“We have successfully managed to mobilize broad sections of our social society for the campaign,” the group said, “we are truly overwhelmed, sort out the many pics and videos now and are back with a detailed retrospective on this evocative day.”

The G20 officially began Friday, July 7, and runs through Saturday, July 8.

Check out the video of the G20 zombie march below.