'Zoolander 2' International Trailer Sees More Justin Bieber and Penelope Cruz

penelope cruz Zoolander 2 - H 2015
Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

"Who says swimsuit models are useless?!"

The new international trailer for Zoolander 2 focuses on the supporting characters in the comedy, as opposed to Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, who are back as the well intentioned but largely useless Derek Zoolander and Hansel.

Audiences are treated to an elongated action sequence featuring "Sorry" singer/Calvin Klein model Justin Bieber, while more is revealed about the Interpol agent played by Penelope Cruz, who admits to a past as a swimsuit model.

"Who says swimsuit models are useless?!" Cruz yells at the end of the spot, ready to dive off a cliff into the ocean.

Despite garnering negative attention from LGBT activist groups, Benedict Cumberbatch's androgynous character "All" makes another appearance in the latest trailer.

Written by Justin Theroux and directed by Stiller, Zoolander 2 struts its way into theaters on Feb. 12.

Watch the trailer below.