New 'Zoolander 2' Trailer: Mugatu's Up to His Old Tricks

Courtesy of YouTube/Paramount Pictures

"You're trying to make me think I shouldn't help you. In which case, I should do the opposite of that," Zoolander reasons.

Derek Zoolander returns to the big screen in a little over a week in the highly anticipated Zoolander 2. On Wednesday, fans got to see more scenes from the sequel they've been clamoring for.

The new trailer, set to a remixed version of the first film's hypnotic "Relax," features a longer look at Will Ferrell reprising his role as evil fashion designer Mugatu.

In the preview, Derek visits Mugatu in prison where the chained-up villain tricks the dim-witted male model into switching places with him, ending with Derek in chains, saying, "Your move."

Mugatu: "You really are an idiot aren't you?"

Mugatu and Kristen Wiig's Alexanya Atoz seem to have been an item, as the two have a bizarre makeout sesh when they reunite onscreen.

The preview also offers a glimpse of more of the sequel's special guests.

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