Zsa Zsa Rushed to Hospital With Pneumonia; 'They're Trying to Save Her Life'

Paul Harris/Getty Images
Zsa Zsa Gabor in 1990

"She's having trouble breathing," her spokesman says. "They're trying to save her life right now."

Zsa Zsa Gabor is back in the hospital.

Her spokesman told CNN that she was admitted Wednesday afternoon and is being treated for pneumonia.

"She's having trouble breathing," John Blanchette said. "They're trying to save her life right now, getting the fluids off her lungs."

The 94-year-old actress was taken to UCLA Medical Center after her doctor performed an examination in her Bel Air, Calif., home.
Gabor has been hospitalized repeatedly since July, when she broke her hip falling from bed.

In late March, she was admitted to the hospital after being overcome with grief about the death of her longtime friend Elizabeth Taylor.

Earlier that month, she was rushed by ambulance due to complications from hip replacement surgery last year that resulted in her right leg being amputated in January because of gangrene. At the time, doctors told Gabor needed to have her remaining leg amputated, but she declined the surgery.

In February, she was treated for a lung infection as a result of pneumonia.for a lung infection.