Courtesy of Ammo

People who don't frequent Ammo don't get it. The restaurant is as no-frills as it gets. But those who do get it -- and there a lot of them (including producer Donald De Line, Universal chairman Donna Langley and producer John Goldwyn) -- treat it like their living room. "When I do lunch out, I always recommend Ammo," saysGoldwyn. "I've been eating there for over 10 years, and the food is consistently fabulous. In a town where restaurants come and go like movie releases, Ammo is a mainstay, an enduring institution." Its most ordered dish also is no-frills: a rice stir-fry that's one of L.A.'s most improbable power-lunch plates. "The attraction is that you don't have to stop to cut anything. You can just talk," says producer Miggi Hood (Showtime's Time of Death). It's also a good solution for agents in Century City and execs at studios in the Valley looking for a halfway meeting point.