Courtesy of Bouchon

It doesn't hurt that Bouchon's investors include Adam Sandler, Ryan Seacrest and writer-producer Phil Rosenthal, who all throw events there. And CAA, which reps owner and celebrity chef Thomas Keller, held its 2013 Emmy party there, where Mick Jagger held court with Jimmy Fallon and Lorne Michaels. The large lunch contingent at the 4-year-old farm-to-table French bistro includes Brian GrazerCAA's Richard Lovett and Gersh's Leslie Siebert. "It took us a year to develop our core audience," says Bouchon consultant (and Keller's significant other) Laura Cunningham. "Spago has existed for twenty years, and e.baldi has been around several years as well. Its precursor, Giorgio Baldi, is an L.A. Institution."  A recent addition is handsome French lunch maitre d' Thomas Marini. "Regulars text him, call him," says Cunningham. "He knows what they want; he has them on speed dial. He even walks them to their cars!"