Grazer, 63, may no longer send shivers down the spines of terrified Universal executives the way he once did, but he still carries enough weight to get what he wants, time in and time out. Such was the case when Sony floated the idea of attaching former co-chair Amy Pascal as a producer on the upcoming Inferno, the third in Imagine's series of Dan Brown adaptations, with Howard once again behind the camera. "We were six weeks from starting the movie," says Grazer, who has been partnered with Howard, 61, for three decades, winning a best picture Oscar for A Beautiful Mind along the way, "so we didn't need any extra producers." Now he's moving forward with four 2015 releases — Pele (about the Brazilian soccer great), Rock the Kasbah (a comedy about a rock manager, from director Barry Levinson), In the Heart of the Sea (a 19th century whaling drama that Howard recently wrapped) and Love the Coopers (a dramedy about a dysfunctional family's reunion). Plus, they're making a big splash in TV, where they have the biggest freshman series in 10 years with Fox's Empire. Admits Grazer, "The volcanic success is surprising."