Bell co-founded his firm with Liza De Leon in 1985, and his clients include Bill O'Reilly, Steven Soderbergh and Cary Fukunaga as well as about a dozen NFL players, though he is abandoning them in October. "They're unresponsive, uninvolved, surrounded by entourages and posses, and they don't listen to our advice," says Bell. "There's a culture among players -- they don't care. What's happening with the NFL in the news is how they handle their finances. There's no respect and no accountability. It's a culture."

Biggest check cut "A necklace for $18.75 million. And this was not delivered to my client's wife, and it was specifically requested that it not show up on the cash flow. We manage finances -- we don't manage morality."

I always say no when clients ask "When they want to invest in movies, restaurants or get married without a prenup." Although he admits that Soderbergh and Channing Tatum's decision to finance Magic Mike with their own money turned out to be smart: "You have no idea how much I begged and pleaded with them not to do it. It cost $7 million to produce, and it has made $167 million worldwide. I've never looked so stupid."