Courtesy of Grill on the Alley

This classic spot celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Still a bit of a boys' club, it's where producer Al Ruddy lunches with Clint EastwoodBob Daly and Semel share a booth, and Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell talk WME strategy. Its 14 booths are allotted by affable longtime maitre d' Pamela Gonyea. Often, she makes sure her kingly regulars don't have their checks delivered to the table -- she's seen less-than-A-listers
 try to get into good graces by grabbing for
them. Says producer Randall Emmett, who often dines with mentor Irwin Winkler: "You really see deals coming together, business happening. For that hour and a half, it's the center
of the world."