Courtesy of Hinoki & The Bird

Chef David Myers' year-old Japanese-inspired restaurant instantly captured a key constituency: CAA, located across the street. On a recent day, its agents sat at no fewer than nine tables out of 50. Location -- Fox is nearby, too -- isn't the only reason it has leapt so high on the list. Innovative food (like the popular chili crab toast) is a driving factor, as is its big patio. Table 65 at the back of the patio is highly requested. "There's privacy, but you have a view of everyone coming in," says Myers, aCAA client who also owns the French bistro Comme Ca. Some call it the agency's new commissary, but CAA speakers agent Darnell Strom says: "Calling it a commissary almost downgrades it. It's a world-class restaurant that we fortunately can walk across to."