1.26 million: Average print circulation of the Sunday Times

Why they matter: The institution has made leaps forward under Abramson, 60, who unveiled two new online monthly subscription tiers this year, and considers the union of print and digital content one of her banner priorities: "I've been the strongest partner on the news side pushing for an integrated and highly innovative newsroom," she has said. Meanwhile, industry observers look to Carr, 57, and Scott, 47, as trusted guides to navigate the media landscape. Scott's influential reviews are quoted even when he doesn't want them to be: "Scott Rudin appreciated my Tweet about Inside Llewyn Davis so much, he used it in an ad, even after I told him he couldn't."

Proudest accomplishment this year: Says Carr, a married father of three: "I did a series of columns about the shift in power from institutions to individuals [i.e., bloggers] in breaking the [NSA leak Edward] Snowden revelations," while Scott cites his Cross Cuts column, "which gives me a chance to look at how movies function within the culture as a whole." Spike Lee obviously reads it, blasting Scott last month for a perceived insult of his Brooklyn credentials. "I certainly didn't intend it to be," says Scott, married with two kids, who was pleased that Lee (perhaps unwittingly) name-checked his great-uncle, legendary actor Eli Wallach, as an authentic borough hero.

Goal for coming year: "I hated that I was caught so flat-footed by Jeff Bezos buying The Washington Post -- I was literally sitting on a beach when I found out," says Carr, so "I'd like to talk newspapering with Jeff Bezos."